In July of last year, the Prime Minister announced a reform agenda to make our financial centre more attractive, alongside local and regional authorities, with the shared ambition of making Paris the leading European financial centre.


One year on, all the measures announced by the Government have been implemented, demonstrating our commitment to improve the business environment significantly and sustainably, facilitate the mobility of employees and businesses towards France and make all aspects of our market, including its financial infrastructures, its talent pool and its legal system, more attractive for international investors and business.
At the Europlace international meetings held on 11 July 2018, the Prime Minister renewed the Government’s commitment with three priorities for action: w mobilisation for the financing of growth, the transforming of French companies and job creation, as priorities of the “PACTE” bill, we bring the spirit of conquest to the centre-stage of Europe to ensure that the euro zone asserts its economic and financial sovereignty, w bring a spirit of openness to new financial players developing their businesses in Paris, create jobs and contribute their know-how.


Attractiveness is a global approach that goes beyond the regulatory and fiscal framework. For this reason, an action plan for the development of the provision of international educational in the Ile-deFrance region has been initiated by the Government, alongside the region and the other local authorities concerned.

From the start of the 2018 school year, 1,000 new places will be opened in high schools and international sections. And to support the relocation in 2019 of the European Banking Authority to Paris, the Prime Minister announced the creation of a « European School » in Courbevoie, which will improve our position at the centre-stage of European dynamics.


« I am convinced that developing our country’s financial attractiveness means developing its economic attractiveness, participating in its economic development, creating wealth, creating jobs and creating something that will benefit everyone. »

Édouard PHILIPPE’s speech at the Paris Europlace forum on 11 July 2017


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A new stage in the development of the international education with the project to create a European school . . 13
Paris, an international legal centre with international chambers to handle international business law which are now operational . . 15
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The Choose Paris Region one-stop shop . . 21
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