simon brock
Simon Brock is Representative – Hedge fund governance and directorships.





  • Over 35 years of experience trading in Foreign Exchange, Bond, Equity & Futures markets
Simon Brock is British and resides in Hong Kong.

He traded Foreign Exchange and Deposits for London Multinational Bank Ltd in London from 1975 to 1977, but specialised in bond trading from 1977 onwards, gaining his experience at Chemical Bank in London (1977 to 1979) and at Smith Barney Harris Upham International in Paris, (1979 to 1983) where he focused on convertible Eurobonds.

He then moved back to London as Second Vice President of Eurobond Fixed Income Trading for Smith Barney.

In October 1985, Simon joined Manufacturers Hanover Ltd as Executive Director of Bond Trading, moving in 1987 to Hong Kong to take responsibility for Eurobond trading in Asia, returning to London in 1989.

In 1991 he became Associate Director and Head of Government bond trading at DG Investment Bank Ltd, and in 1992 became Head of European Government Proprietary Trading for Nikko Securities Ltd.

Simon returned to Hong Kong in 1993, and joined BNP where he was responsible for trading US Government Bonds and US$ Eurobonds until 1995.

Since then, he successfully managed various family and corporate portfolios, investing in equity, bond and commodity markets within his dedicated structure, Peak Capital Management Limited, before specializing in trading Futures markets for his own account.

  • An extensive experience in risk management
Throughout his career Simon has always emphasized that an effective risk management regime is one of the keys of his success.

  • External Directorships
During the past 10 years Simon has served in a non-executive capacity on the boards of various Cayman domiciled Alternative Investment funds, engaged in strategies such as Convertible Bond Arbitrage, High Yield Bond, Credit Arbitrage, Volatility Arbitrage, Fund of Hedge Funds, and Closed End Funds Arbitrage.

He has experienced over this time everything from fund startup to fund restructuring and crisis management.

  • Qualifications
Simon has been awarded a Diploma by the Association of International Bond Dealers.

  • Contact
Mob: +852 9888 1616
Tel: +852 2813 6563
Address: Ko Tong Ha Yeung Tsuen, Sai Kung, Hong Kong